Chiro Touch Blend - 100% Guaranteed Pure 10 ml


The Chiro Touch blend is expertly formulated to assist the myofascial in relaxing naturally, working with your body's natural ability to self-realign and reduce the instances of chiropractic pain. Supported by the natural botanical elements found in rosewood, blue tansy, and fir, Chiro Touch works to soothe the mind as well as the body and acts as a calming, grounding essence for your daily use. In addition to the oils above, the blend features the rich scents of spruce, frankincense, and juniper berry. 


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The Chiro Touch blend features rosewood and blue tansy, both of which have bioactive compounds that act as natural analgesics in the body. Beyond the physical benefits of natural pain relief, the formulation also focuses on soothing the mind and mood, which is done via naturally-occuring linalool and sabinene found in accompanying oils of spruce, frankincense, and juniper berry. Fir rounds out the blend, offering a deeply rich and forest-scented experience for maximum relaxation and comfort. 
The Chiro Touch blend is best for those looking to reduce the symptoms of pain naturally, while simultaneously supporting their mental health and mood stability. It's expertly formulated to soothe the effects of both chronic and acute pain in the mind, and is designed to promote resilience and your body's natural supportive processes for enhanced healing experiences. 
Chiro Touch is best for anyone who is currently in pain, or who is looking to address systemic or chronic inflammatory processes naturally. Often, these conditions can come with pain and related mental health discomfort, which is where Chiro Touch can truly shine. Beyond the natural inclusion of bioactive plant compounds, you can also enjoy a deeply relaxing experience with the deep and comforting scent of fir, spruce, and juniper berry with each use. 
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Essential Oil Blend

What is an essential oil blend?

When essential oils are blended correctly, they form a synergy in aromatherapy; the result is a mutually strengthening effect. The action is significantly more substantial and robust than using the individual essential oils alone. For example, it has been shown that the properties of Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) and Lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia) are potentiated when mixed. The resulting action is not just additive – it supersedes the capability of Tea Tree and Lavender if they were used separately.