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The Injoi antioxidant drink offers a clinical dose of astaxanthin and superoxide dismutase. Clinical studies have shown these two powerful plant antioxidants to help protect the eyes and improve muscle recovery and overall wellness. Shown to be 300 times more potent in antioxidants than Vitamin C, each serving of Injoi provides exceptional benefits for your overall well-being and vitality. Designed to be delicious, each drink of health feels more like a treat. 

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Astaxanthin is a carotenoid – a plant-produced pigment with a beautiful deep red color. Touted as one of the most intense plant-based carotenoids available. Astaxanthin is unique since it can offer powerful antioxidant protection inside and outside the cells. Musk melon extract contains oxykine - rich in vegetal superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is a potent primary antioxidant that serves a critical role in the body. 
Astaxanthin supports healthy skin hydration, elasticity, and smoothness. It also promotes healthy muscle recovery, boosting training effectiveness by neutralizing free radicals during and after exercise. At the same time, one of the most substantial benefits of Astaxanthin is its effects on the eyes during long periods of screen time, providing nourishment to the eyes and recovery from eye strain and fatigue. Musk melon extract, with its high potency of SOD, has an overall physical wellness benefit by quenching damaging free radicals and has a solid correlation to helping ease symptoms of stress. 
If you are looking to support healthy vision and eye function and boost your overall wellbeing – and you’re not eating consistently five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day – Astaxanthin and musk melon may be a good choice for you. 
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Arinova nutritional shake is a vegan option that provides protein, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and probiotics. The best part is; that it is very delicious. 


AstaReal® Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin the most potent dietary antioxidant available.

AstaReal® Astaxanthin is the most studied brand of astaxanthin in the world. Astaxanthin is one of the only antioxidants capable of protecting the entire cell membrane providing superior protection from oxidative stress and free radical damage. Extensively studied and proven in over 70 clinical studies, astaxanthin has far-reaching benefits within the body to support eye health, sports performance, improved immunity, and reduce the effects of premature aging.  

Vegetable Vitamins & Minerals 

SOD melon high in superoxide dismutase one of the body most important antioxidant.

Obtained from a unique non-GMO variety of Cantaloupe melon exclusively grown in the south of France, SOD melon extract is naturally high in superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is a vital antioxidant enzyme in the body that reduces oxidative stress caused by toxic oxygen metabolites. Excessive oxidative stress can damage structures inside brain cells and even cause cell death, associated with mood and mental cognition changes.