Di-Gest Blend - 100% Guaranteed Pure 10 ml


The Di-Gest blend is fantastic for soothing the effects of a strained gastrointestinal tract; addressing all of your most common ailments with naturally-supportive oils such as fennel, anise, and peppermint. This stomach-friendly blend assists you in dealing with chronic inflammation, stomach upset, ulcers, indigestion, and nausea. Beyond the three main oils, we've also added several supplementary inclusions for extra elevation and soothing effects–such as lemon, dill, and spearmint. 

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The Di-Gest blend relies on naturally occurring botanical elements that soothe and relieve digestive symptoms: Anethole, L-menthol, and menthone. Menthone is a known antispasmodic and analgesic, working to soothe the gut and reduce contractions for a more comfortable experience. Anethole, a powerful component in this blend, has excellent immune support and gastroprotective effects, making it incredibly soothing for the gut. 
The Di-Gest blend is designed to support your body in addressing GI issues by each symptom, relying on naturally-occurring biochemical elements to help to soothe the smooth muscle and lining of the gut. Every oil added to this blend offers unique gastroprotective effects. Regular use of this blend can promote higher frequency moods and a better overall rest experience–soothing your stomach and revitalizing your gut's lining. 
Di-Gest is best for anyone looking to support their GI health naturally. The oil is formulated with several gut-supportive and complimentary oils known in the community to be soothing and supportive, such as peppermint, fennel, anise, and lemon.  
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Essential Oil Blend

What is an essential oil blend?

When essential oils are blended correctly, they form a synergy in aromatherapy; the result is a mutually strengthening effect. The action is significantly more substantial and robust than using the individual essential oils alone. For example, it has been shown that the properties of Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) and Lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia) are potentiated when mixed. The resulting action is not just additive – it supersedes the capability of Tea Tree and Lavender if they were used separately.