Aromatherapy & mental well-being

The limbic system controls much of your mood through the brain's emotional center. Aromatherapy influences portions of this system that produce a sense of relaxation, consequently lowering the stress response. At the same time, the aroma of the essential oils can build strong emotional connections that improve overall well-being, enhance and improve the mind's resilience, and uplift mood.

How does aromatherapy affect emotions?

Aromatherapy is a magnificent natural gift from the earth that has several beneficial actions on the mind that make it a fantastic tool for mental well-being.

Essential oils have been studied and have shown that their benefits are broad and multifaceted. In one clinical study, mood status and positive emotions improved during the treatment in community-dwelling older adults. Scientists found that mood improvements were due to essential oils' effect on the brain signaling pathway that influences the brain's reward center. Leading to improved joy, happiness, and improved mental resilience.

At the same time, aromatherapy's legendary response to the limbic system improves the mind's ability to make new mental connections and pathways. These improved pathways encourage a healthy limbic system and resist the pathological adverse effects of stress.

Daily use of aromatherapy coupled with emotional wellness can substantially improve mental well-being.

Vibeonix emotional awareness

The autonomic nervous system is closely linked to the brain's areas responsible for emotions. Subtle changes in emotional states produce slight variations in the frequencies, amplitudes, and wavelengths of the voice. The slight variation can be recognized through artificial intelligent speech base recognition software with incredible accuracy.

One study on over 40,000 US veterans using an audio recording of their voices was able to identify their emotional state with nearly 90% accuracy.  (1)

Seconds. That's how long it takes to unlock self-awareness using Vibeonix's voice analysis AI. In the world of mental and emotional wellness, AWARENESS is king. The more aware you are of the emotional states causing dysfunction or unhappiness, the faster you return to the path of your best YOU.

1- Marmar CR, Brown AD, Qian M, et al. Speech-based markers for posttraumatic stress disorder in US veterans. Depress Anxiety. 2019;36(7):607-616. doi:10.1002/da.22890

Identifying your daily essential oils

Essential oil recommendation based on your emotional and mental state is simple; using our aromatherapy emotional wheel and your Vibeonix report. Each emotional state identified in Vibeonix has been properly correlated to several Esenza essential oils in our aromatherapy emotional wheel. Suppose you desire to influence one of the emotional states. In that case, you simply review your recommendations on the Vibeonix report and find the corresponding essential oil on the aromatherapy emotional wheel.

Improving your overall mental state starts with awareness. By incorporating aromatherapy to enhance your emotional and mental well-being, you will find the path to a better you is easier than you think. The more you use the Vibeonix app, the more aware you are of your emotions you will become, and this will bring confidence to your ability to improve your emotional goals.

If you would like to exclude the Vibeonix app and just use aromatherapy, you can accomplish this by using our emotional aromatherapy guide. However, the added benefit of accountability and awareness Vibeonix offers is an indispensable resource for your emotional goals.