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On average, Younifi's essential oils are 24% less expensive than Young Living® and doTERRA®.

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Be Fit XSlim and Sassy®
Breathe Raven / R.C.Breathe
Bug BusterXTerrashield
Calm SleepylzeX
Chiro-Touch / Compassion Valor® / Oola BalanceBalance
Citrus BloomCitrus FreshCitrus Bliss
Crown ChakraHarmonyBalance
Defend / Vivia Aroma Life / DiGize / JuvafleX
Defend / Vivia Endo-FlexZendocrine
Di-Gest  Di-Gize / JuvaflexDigest-Zen®
Focus XInTune
Grounding GroundingGentle Baby
Heart ChakraSensationImmortelle / HD clear
Inspiration ClarityInTune
Physical TouchRelieve It / PanAwayDeep Blue®
Protection  PurificationPurify
Quiet Scent Peace and CalmingSerenity
Relieve Deep ReliefDeep Blue®
VenusDragon Time / Lady SclareolX
Solar Plexus3 Wise MenX
Solar PlexusGroundingPastTense
Solar Plexus  Brain PowerX
Spice of Life Thieves®On Guard®
Third Eye Chakra Sacred MountainX

* The names Young Living, Thieves, and Valor are owned by Young Living Essential Oils, LLC and have no relation to Younifi, LLC.

** The names doTERRA, On Guard, Deep Blue, Slim and Sassy, AromaTouch, and Digest-Zen are owned by Doterra and have no relation to Younifi, LLC.

Pure Drop Guarantee

Our Pure Drop Guarantee ensures that our essential oils are consistent and high-quality.

Our Fingerprint Profile-based process is unique and holds us to the highest standards. This process aims to identify the main compounds in each essential oil.

We work closely with our trusted laboratory vendors to ensure they are verified and provide detailed reports. Each vendor must be re-verified periodically to ensure quality control.

Once the Fingerprint Profile is complete, we use that to inform our production: Each essential oil we provide will contain those identified compounds, with minor percentage variance from batch to batch.

As a result, our finished products each include a standard data sheet that identifies that product’s Fingerprint Profile data.

Why Does it Matter?

Often, pure essential oils are inconsistent in how they’re produced, with up to 70% variance in their chemical composition from batch to batch.

Our process is unique in the industry because it creates a standardized method to avoid these variations in our products.

Our Promise 

We guarantee that each of our batches adheres to this process, ensuring you have a consistent and reliable essential oil experience every time.