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The Boost blend is designed to target different types of bacteria, resulting in a healthier overall environment and lifestyle. This blend contains bioactive compounds such as Frankincense sacra and Ravensara, both of which have been proven to be effective against gram positive & gram negative bacteria, as well as certain nano-bacteria. It's supplemented by richly scented antibacterial support oils, including Frankincense cartii, helichrysum, copaiba, holy basil, black cumin, rosewood, & myrrh. Pine scotch also amplifies the antibacterial action, while giving it a delicious forest-fresh scent.

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The Defense blend was developed around the naturally occurring anti-microbial properties of nutmeg and thyme and is supplemented by other supportive oils including ravensara, clove bud, peppermint, and pine. This uplifting scent not only works to support your body's natural ability to defend and resist infection, but it can also support your mental health and alleviate health-related stress and strain.

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The Guardian blend was formulated to naturally support purification and defense of your environment, as it's formulated with compounds that reduce the instance of mold and fungus toxicity. The Guardian blend features a comforting, forest-like scent, that is uplifting and supportive for both your mind and mood. It's built around known cleansing and health-supportive oils, including cinnamon bark, oregano, and clary sage.

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Helichrysum essential oil is a potent plant to support the immune system and encourages wound healing.

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