Inspiration Blend - 100% Guaranteed Pure 10 ml


The Inspiration essential oil blend expertly combines four essential oils that are all uniquely adapted to improve mood, increase mental clarity, and boost confidence, leading to an increased level of creative inspiration. 

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The Inspiration essential oil blend is primarily crafted around the powerful plant compound of Tusli essential oil. Tulsi has been shown in human studies to help reduce negative thoughts and improve mood. It has a powerful way of focusing thoughts and encouraging mental clarity. When combined with the supporting essential oil of Peppermint, Opopanax, and Linaloe Berry, the combined benefits energize and boost cognitive performance. 
The Inspiration essential oil blend is perfect for the days when your mind is just not as sharp as usual or if you need just a little bit of a boost in the creative thought process. Creative thinking and inspiration tend to be at their highest when the mind is calm and in a state of focus. Linaloe Berry, one of the supporting essential oils in the Inspiration blend, is impressive at calming the mind, removing concerning thoughts while at the same time boosting creativity. 
The Inspiration blend essential oil is one of the essential oil that Younifi recommends for every one. No matter your personal circumstance there is always moments where just having a little bit of extra help to focus you thought and chase off the negativity of your environment leads to a better mental state. The Inspiration blend is one product you should be sure to include in your day to day essential oil kit. 
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Essential Oil Blend

What is an essential oil blend?

When essential oils are blended correctly, they form a synergy in aromatherapy; the result is a mutually strengthening effect. The action is significantly more substantial and robust than using the individual essential oils alone. For example, it has been shown that the properties of Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) and Lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia) are potentiated when mixed. The resulting action is not just additive – it supersedes the capability of Tea Tree and Lavender if they were used separately.