Lavender Essential Oil - 100% Guaranteed Pure 10 ml


Lavender essential oil is exceptional at soothing occasional skin irritations, promoting peaceful sleep, and helping ease feelings of tension.

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Known as one of the most beneficial oils in the realm of essential oils, lavender oil is derived from the lavender plant. Being multipurpose oil, it covers all ground - from boosting one’s physical and mental wellbeing to promoting hair and skin health – and anything in between.
Lavender oil has been used historically to encourage relaxation and calmness. When the mind and body feel stress, it responds by releasing hormones that increase blood pressure and raise the heart rate, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed or unable to cope. Using lavender with relaxation techniques strengthens your body's resilience and switches the body’s natural relaxation response to encourage better sleep and mental fortitude.
If you are the type of person who has a hard time brushing off the day's worries and stress, or if you cannot seem to get yourself into a state of natural relaxation even with relaxation techniques. Then, adding lavender to your relaxation routine may be a perfect choice for you.
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How It Works

Bay Laurel is able to naturally support information retention, memory, and sleep cycles thanks to several bioactive compounds that are naturally occurring in the plant. 

In Bay Laurel oil, the phytochemical compounds that make it so effective are:

  • Alpha terpinenyl acetate 
  • α-Pinene
  • Cineol 
  • Sabinen

Bay Laurel oil is a powerful and natural way to support your body's ability to regulate, learn, and achieve.  Alpha terpinenyl acetate has been shown to reduce oxidative stress and boost the brain's resiliency and regulatory processes. It is commonly found in essential oils and botanicals and offers an herbaceous, sweet scent. A-Pinene amplifies this effect, as it has been shown to support memory and the nervous system by supporting the choline pathway while simultaneously boosting your attention, alertness, and memory abilities. 

Cineol naturally supports the overall effect of Bay Laurel in the neurological system, acting to support healthy inflammation pathways through its strong antioxidant potential. Sabinine also joins cineol to encourage healthy inflammatory pathways and neuroprotective, supporting the body's natural function and wellness. As a direct result, the combined effects that are sure to have you in a more clear and serene frame of mind and amplifying your ability to retain. 

Bay Laurel oil is multifunctional and can be used for cooking. You can also use it orally or topically, along with a carrier oil. You can also diffuse the oil for its aromatherapeutic benefits. To take advantage of the full scale of the efficacy of Bay Laurel oil, you need to ensure that you're sourcing it from a high-quality, reputable seller.

The ideal ratios that a therapeutically efficient Bay Laurel oil should have are below: 

  • 8 to 14 percent Alpha terpinenyl acetate
  • 4.5 to 7 percent a-Pinene 
  • 58 to 66 percent Cineol 
  • 5 to 8 percent Sabinen

It is important to note that the composition of essential oils can vary depending on many factors (such as harvest time), and some oil can be adulterated with synthetic chemicals.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Younifi products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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