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Elevanti is a uniquely powerful nutritional supplement for improving mind and mood backed by ingredients with clinically proven efficacy in balancing emotions. Each ingredient contained within Elevanti is carefully selected from a region in the world known for producing the most unique, naturally derived, and potent compounds.

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Elevanti is a dietary supplement that expertly combines several unique and clinically tested natural ingredients that have, in clinical studies, significantly improved the mind and balanced mood.
Emotional well-being is a complicated subject that can include several factors. Still, one factor often skipped is the impact stress and emotional imbalances have on the overall status of the mind and mood. Elevanti combines one of the most tested and proven ingredients for emotional and mental well-being, saffron, and a magnificent extract from a particular type of cantaloupe high in superoxide dismutase. The combination of these two ingredients provides a needed boost in mental resilience and balances the mood.
If you find yourself often battling the feeling of stress caused from day to day activities. Or experience emotional ups and downs that make it challenging to perform how you want to. Adding Elevanti to your daily emotional well-being routine may provide the boost you need.
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Elevanti is expertly crafted with all-natural ingredients carefully selected for their known actions on improving mental resilience and encouraging feelings of emotional well-being. 



Saffron help to balance mood and reduce anxiety

The go-to natural ingredient for mind and mood. A study in the Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science found that a saffron extract increased dopamine levels in the brain without changing the levels of other brain hormones, such as serotonin. Making it a perfect supplement to your daily routine to help elevate your mood and increase your mental fortitude.  

Bacopa Monnier

Bacopa Monnier helps to reduce stress and elevate mood

A powerful adaptogenic herb, considered to help the body to adapt to stress and increase its resilience. Bacopa Monnier helps to reduce the perceived feeling of stress by elevating mood and helping calm the body's tendency to release excess cortisol, the stress hormone, during stressful moments.  

SOD Variety - Cantaloupe

High in superoxide dismutase excellent to protect from oxidative stress

Obtained from a unique non-GMO variety of Cantaloupe melon exclusively grown in the south of France, SOD melon extract is naturally high in superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is a vital antioxidant enzyme in the body that reduces oxidative stress caused by toxic oxygen metabolites. Excessive oxidative stress can damage structures inside brain cells and even cause cell death, associated with mood and mental cognition changes.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna pruriens helps to produce dopamine and improve mood

Mucuna pruriens is naturally high in a precursor nutrient to dopamine called levodopa. Levodopa helps to improve mental cognitive performance. Additionally, levodopa has a unique way of interacting with the mind to encourage better sleep, mood, and memory.

Chelated Magnesium

Magnesium helps calm stress and improve mood

Magnesium plays a critical role in brain function and mood since it is essential for optimal nerve transmission. Studies suggest adequate magnesium intake can calm stress, improve mood and enhance sleep.