How does nutrigenomics work?

Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of human genetics and how genes and diet may affect a person's health and, consequently, the risk of developing diseases. Essentially when your genetic code needs to make a new component may be different for you than what is typical, and that change may give you an advantage or increase your health risk.

For example, a specific gene called MTHER affects an enzyme required to absorb folate; if your body has a DNA variant that changes your DNA code for the gene, you may need to consume significantly more folate to meet your body's dietary folate needs.

What does this mean?

It means even though you are only 0.5% genetically different than everyone else, you are unique in more than we could ever possibly count

that also means the stereotypical way of approaching your body's nutritional, emotional, and environmental needs to account for your super uniqueness.

Younifie's solution

Younifie's solution is a three-part process.

1- Understand your 0.5% uniqueness in your genetics through DNA testing

2- Check your body's daily-changing needs through a state-of-the-art body scanner.

3- Bring awareness to your emotional and mental states to improve your overall well-being

itovi emotional scanner

identifies proper Younifi products

itovi is a 3rd party technology company that Younifi has partnered with to help you identify what products can help you navigate your emotional needs

itovi uses electrodermal activity to record variation in the electrical characteristics of the skin. Areas of the skin, such as the palms and the feet, contain a considerably high number of sweat glands.These sweat glands are directly impacted by the limbic system, which controls an individual's emotions. Specific emotion states such as anger, fear, and stress increase sweat glands' sympathetic response, increasing secretion.

Although this increase is generally minimal, sweat contains water and electrolytes, which increase electrical conductivity, thus lowering the skin's electrical resistance.These changes can be recorded by itovi and associated with emotional states and products that your body would positively respond to improve overall mental and emotional well-being.

How it works

Various emotional states arouse the sympathetic activity of the body, and these changes alter sweat and blood flow, affecting galvanic skin resistance and skin conductivity. Itovi provides a properly calibrated device that records the electrical change in the skin conductivity and provides feedback based on those responses.

The Report

Itovi identifies the frequency and electrical potential of Younifi products. After Itovi's hand scan is complete, the subtle skin conductivity responses are processed through a complex proprietary algorithm, giving a deeper look at the small yet quantifiable changes in the conductivity of the skin. Then Younifi products frequencies that correspond to the most significant changes in skin conductivity are considered the most important and may be used with other emotional techniques to create a state of continual well-being.

Tracking Progress

The Itovi report will vary slightly as your emotional state frequently changes throughout the day. Itovi will continue to offer products that correspond to your emotional state. However, personal progress is difficult to track without identifying the emotional states you are experiencing. That is why using the Itovi emotional scanner with the Vibeonix emotional awareness app will provide you with a complete experience that will leave you more emotionally and mentally fulfilled and give you a more substantial state of well-being.

Vibeonix emotional awareness

identify your emotional states and needs

The autonomic nervous system is closely linked to the areas of the brain that are responsible for emotions. Subtle changes in emotional states produce slight variations in the frequencies, amplitudes, and wavelengths of the voice. The slight variation can be recognized through artificial intelligent speech base recognition software with shocking accuracy.

One study conducted on over 40,000 US veterans using an audio recording of their voices was able to identify their emotional state with nearly 90% accuracy. (1)

Seconds. That's how long it takes to unlock self-awareness using Vibeonix's voice analysis AI. In the world of mental and emotional wellness, AWARENESS is king. The more aware you are of the emotional states causing dysfunction or unhappiness, the faster you return to the path of your best YOU.

1- Marmar CR, Brown AD, Qian M, et al. Speech-based markers for posttraumatic stress disorder in US veterans. Depress Anxiety. 2019;36(7):607-616. doi:10.1002/da.22890

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