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A perfect hybrid between affiliate marketing and MLM marketing. It's the best of both worlds. We call it Value-Added Marketing.

Become an Affiliate

After you've created your account, click on the Affiliate bubble on the bottom right of the screen.

Why value-added marketing?

Value-added marketing fills a gap between affiliate and multi-level marketing in the current marketplace. While affiliate and multi-level marketing have upsides, they also have drawbacks. Affiliate marketing is the best choice if you are an influencer and can drive large audiences to your affiliate site. Multi-level marketing is ideal for working with teams to build a community of like-minded people striving for the same goal.

So what are the drawbacks?

Affiliate marketing – you are on an island; it is you against the world per se. Sure it's free, but unless you've built a platform to drive people's interest, you won't be getting very far.

Multi-level marketing – you work with a team or a community of like-minded people, but there is a pay-to-play, meaning it costs to join and it costs each month to be a part of the team, and if you don't build a team, you miss out and don't get paid as well.

Value-added marketing – it's free to join; building a team is optional, and you earn 11% on every sale you make. Simultaneously, you can progress into higher-paying rank bonuses with or without creating a team. No minimum personal purchase is required, and everyone buys the product at the same price. Everyone is always getting the best product deals

Three reasons to be an affiliate

Focused on retention and engagement

Traditional affiliate and multi-level marketing leave you responsible for continually engaging your customers and team.

We have invested substantially in a unique algorithm that identifies individual behavior and interactions. With this data, we engage your customers and team based on their interests, leading to better trust and engagement. Means less work for you but more recurring purchases.

We stand behind our products; highest quality.

Way back in the history of Younifi (before Younifi), our company started as a manufacturing company supplying high-quality products to other companies. Producing the best quality product is not just something we do; it's in our blood.

Our pricing speaks for itself; best prices.

People who often buy from an affiliate or multi-level marketing company know they pay a premium price for similar products they can purchase cheaper elsewhere.

At Younifi, we do not offer retail prices. Everyone buys their product at the best prices we can offer. We take a smaller profit to provide a product you love at a price that makes sense.

Where do you
fit into the picture?

You get to focus on the fun part of value-added marketing; making and building relationships. You don't have to be a product expert or a world-class salesman; you share what you love with others, make a connection, and let us do the rest.

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"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

-- Albert Schweitzer