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Basil Oil (otherwise known as Sweet Basil Oil) is known to alleviate the symptoms of muscular tension and spasm, as well as bodily discomfort caused by stress and low frequency moves.

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Birch essential oil is exceptional at soothing sore muscles and joint discomfort and promotes healthy muscle recovery.

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The Chiro Touch blend is expertly formulated to assist the myofascial in relaxing naturally, working with your body's natural ability to self-realign and reduce the instances of chiropractic pain. Supported by the natural botanical elements found in rosewood, blue tansy, and fir, Chiro Touch works to soothe the mind as well as the body and acts as a calming, grounding essence for your daily use. In addition to the oils above, the blend features the rich scents of spruce, frankincense, and juniper berry.

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Clove bud essential oil is exceptional at soothing pain and inflammation, as well as giving your immune system a much-needed boost.

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