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The Adoration blend is exceptional at encouraging feelings of endearment, compassion, and love. Two different Rose essential oils are the focus of this blend. Still, when combined with Cape Chamomile, Palmorasa, and Rose Geranium as supporting essential oils, the Adoration blend combines several go-to essential oils that aromatherapists use to support emotional well-being.

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The Citrus Bloom blend is formulated to refresh your mind and body, tantalizing your senses with a fresh, citrus-based aroma that works to uplift and energize. WIth a base of Pomelo, the blend is accentuated by the additions of other popular citrus scents: including blood orange, grapefruit, and clementine oils. Enjoy the balmy serenity of a gentle spring morning with every use of this soothing oil!

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The Compassion blend is crafted to soothe overwhelming emotions, calm nervous tension, and promote a relaxing atmosphere. Plant extracts of Peru Balsam, Rosewood, Frankincense, and Scotch Pine provide a mental escape and focus on ensuring higher emotional intentions and well-being.

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Previously Gratitude Blend - The Crown Chakra blend is designed to support emotional and energetic flow; freeing your consciousness from roadblocks that inhibit personal growth and your highest self. The blend is built on rose and spruce essential oils, which support balance, connection, and high-frequency moods. These actions are complimented with the addition of sweet orange, lavender, and cedarwood, providing a floral, grounding, and soothing scent.

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Frankincense is a powerful mood soother, supporting the body's natural cortisol and melatonin management systems to help you to reach higher levels of calmness and presence. 

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Geranium promotes a healthy, balanced mood and minimizes the effect of low-frequency moods. It's also a natural deodorizer and coagulant.

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Grapefruit naturally uplifts the mood and reduces the symptoms of chronic or acute stress, having a soothing effect on the parasympathetic nervous system. 

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The Grounding blend is formulated around two intoxicating essential oils, rhododendron and opoponax. These wonderful gifts from nature have a magnificent way to complement each other, providing a deep sense of relaxation and helping to quiet the overactive mind. This blend supports your journey of perosnal growth, while connecting you to a deeper feeling of self-worth and grounding to your spiritual higher power.

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