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The Be Fit blend is a fantastic way to support your fitness journey. This blend is centered around Grapefruit, Peppermint, and Cinnamon Bark oils, which are known to support healthy blood glucose levels and healthful weight loss. The addition of copaiba can support your body's natural ability to regulate and accelerate your metabolism while reducing sugar spikes (and subsequent cravings) after meals. Anise Seed and Basil are also added, which can help you to manage the urge to overeat and enhance your natural feelings of satisfaction after a healthful meal.

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Bergamot essential oil helps to support the body's natural healthy inflammatory pathways, and cardiovascular support. At the same time, it is superbly capable to enhance the mind and mood by promoting mental clarity and presence in times of stress.

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Our go-to essential oil for respiratory support. Eucalyptus has a synergistic action on the mucus membranes helping to loosen and reduce mucus. When cold and flu season comes knocking, breathing is a must-have.

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Supports the endocannabinoid system, which enhances the action of CBD products; soothes and relaxes the muscle and joint discomfort, and supports healthy skin.

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Looking to be transported to the most beautiful time of the year? Christmas morning bath salt will take you on a mental vacation back to some of your favorite childhood memories. Christmas morning blend is Dendritic salt, a highly purified salt that forms star-like crystals. These star-like crystals make dendritic salt a unique salt on the market for flavoring and absorbing fats. The added surface areas of the star-flake shape allow the essential oil to absorb not only on the outside of the dendritic salt but also from the inside.  Making it a perfect vessel to carry the essential oil evenly into a unique spa-like experience.

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The Christmas Morning blend features nostalgic cinnamon bark oil, vanilla absolute, scotch pine, and orange scents - all designed to transport you to the living room of your childhood home. This blend captures the essence of a crackling fire, a fresh-cut Christmas tree, and timeless family memories. There's no better way to bring in the holiday season than to make your house a home. And what better time to indulge in some tidings of comfort and joy that are natural, uplifting, and grounding during one of the most intense times of the year?

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The Citrus Bloom blend is formulated to refresh your mind and body, tantalizing your senses with a fresh, citrus-based aroma that works to uplift and energize. WIth a base of Pomelo, the blend is accentuated by the additions of other popular citrus scents: including blood orange, grapefruit, and clementine oils. Enjoy the balmy serenity of a gentle spring morning with every use of this soothing oil!

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Coriander is a powerful detoxification support in the body, and can promote healthy liver function and glucose regulation. It also is known to soothe the digestive tract while promoting gastrointestinal motility and digestion.

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